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Shanghai Zhangjiang Biological Bank

Shanghai Zhangjiang Biological Bank was established by Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang Management Committee Government, Biochip Shanghai National Engineering Research Center - Shanghai Core Super Biotechnology Co., Ltd. took the lead and invested nearly 100 million RMB in the first phase, which is one of the largest biobanks in China. The “Major Disease Biological Sample Resource Center” and “Biological Sample Virtual Information Center” established by Shanghai Zhangjiang Biobank are an intensive third-party storage center built by the Shanghai Municipal Government and a new model for biological sample banks.

Shanghai Zhangjiang Biobank has advanced domestic refrigeration storage technology, perfect management and monitoring system, complete storage method and intensive storage area. In the future, high quality and high level of living organisms Bank is an important link and valuable resource for the research and industrialization of major diseases and clinical research, drug research and development, clinical diagnosis and treatment technology, health (predictive prevention) research, and is the rapid industrialization and application of many important genes, proteins and other scientific research results in functional genomics research. Important assurance to the clinical (molecular diagnosis, molecular typing and prediction, prevention and personalized treatment).

Core Super Bio

Shanghai Core Super Bio was established in 2003 and its head office is located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech. Core Bio is committed to the standardization of clinical samples, and has established a large-scale, high-quality, clinical and pathological data-based, internationally-standard (standard) tissue biological sample library with international standards (standards) for tissue biological samples. Standardized processes for collection, transportation and storage, quality control systems, safety monitoring systems and information management systems. At the same time, the company has established a series of integrated research platforms such as high-throughput genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and cell function research. Establish a standardized process and quality control system for large-scale production of high-throughput tissue chip products with a large number of diagnostic markers and rapid verification/screening of drug targets. Relying on this system, Core Bio provides services to major universities, research institutes and hospitals, providing a total of “patient-centered” discipline construction solutions for clinical research and basic research clients.

Core Super Diagnostics

Shanghai Core Biotech Co., Ltd. relies on high standards of biological samples, high-throughput tumor biochips and molecular markers The screening and verification platform has established a molecular diagnostic industrial base, and is committed to transforming high-tech foundations and clinical research results into industrial transformation and development and production of innovative in vitro diagnostic reagents. It is a pioneer in the molecular detection and molecular diagnostics industry.

The core supramolecular diagnostics industry base has established high-standard GMP workshops and quantitative PCR, POCT rapid diagnostic strips and immunohistochemistry (IHC) production lines, and passed the ISO13485 quality system certification. Obtained the "Medical Device Production License" issued by the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration. More than 10 kinds of molecular detection and diagnostic products have been included in the development, and passed the CFDA, the laboratory inspection and clinical trials in batches, and promoted the molecules at full speed. Diagnose industrialization.

The core supramolecular diagnosis focuses on the early stage of early diagnosis, molecular typing, personalized treatment and prognosis of digestive tract tumors in the Chinese population, and related microorganisms such as pyloric screw Bacteria, hepatitis B virus, intestinal micro-organisms, etc., for the sub-health population and patients with digestive diseases to create home detection programs and medical-grade genetic testing IVD products and services for the benefit of human health.

Core Supermedicine

Outdo Clinic is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Super League Group. It is located in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. District International Medical Park - Zhangjiang Science City. Core-supermedicine focuses on digestive tract diseases, and establishes expert committees in corresponding fields. It is committed to becoming a special medical center for the integration of Chinese medicine and treatment in the aspects of disease prediction, prevention, individualized treatment and personalized health management. Core Ultramedicine has established the "China Helicobacter pylori molecular medicine center", "digestive tract early screening early diagnosis center", "tumor molecular pathology and personalized diagnosis and treatment center", in-depth molecular disease detection, genetic counseling, Difficult consultation, personalized diagnosis and treatment, innovative foundation, clinical and translational research. Core Ultramedicine has an excellent research and management team, and has established good cooperative relations with well-known hospitals and large medical institutions at home and abroad, and has become a model for the organic integration of “medical technology enterprises” in Shanghai Zhangjiang Free Trade Zone International Medical Park. The backbone of the Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Innovation Center.

Core Supermedicine has established a chain of institutions in China Medical City (Jiangsu) and Chongqing Xiantao Valley, and plans to be in China"s major core cities and regions with distinctive sample resources in the next three years. Establish a series of chain institutions and demonstration centers, and gradually form a research-type "clinic" with national brands, personalized and precise medicine for digestive diseases, and prevention and treatment of cancer and chronic diseases.

Core Super US

Shanghai Core has been working hard for more than ten years and has launched the Chinese brand Shanghai Outdo in the world. It has established good cooperative relations with the world"s most famous universities, national research institutes and biotechnology companies, as well as some world-class drug research and development centers, and has become an important provider of chip products and services for these famous biomedical R\u0026D centers.

As the US branch of the "window" bridgehead, Core-U.S. uses the advantages of international market technology, products and management systems to actively expand the strategic cooperation of Shanghai Core Super"s four major segments. It will become a world-class "integrated" molecular medical industry chain, and play a good role in absorbing, introducing, digesting and secondary innovation. Constantly aiming at the international dynamics of biobanking, research technology services, molecular diagnostics and molecular testing, it has greatly promoted the formation of the “leading” of biobanks, the “frontier” of technical services, the “fist” products and the “features” of Shanghai Core Super. "Molecular detection development trend. At the same time, we actively created conditions to set up CLIA Labs, and cooperated with Shanghai Core Super to carry out a large number of drug trial and development clinical trial outsourcing services for international pharmaceutical companies.

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